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It’s much more sinister and terrifying with the same female pronouns when you consider that lesbian and bisexual women have actually been burned to death by the church. It adds another chilling layer to this song.



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‘Actions have consequences.’

'What if they didn't?'


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One of the fascinating aspects of Dany’s character in my opinion is her incredible inner turmoil over the legacy of her family (and her obvious pride and attachment to it) and her own nurturing and compassionate nature.

Dragons are the symbol of House Targaryen. Dany very heavily relates to the sigil, often drawing on dragons as a form of strength:

Yet when she slept that night, she dreamt the dragon dream again. Viserys was not in it this time. There was only her and the dragon. Its scales were black as night, wet and slick with blood. Her blood, Dany sensed. Its eyes were pools of molten magma, and when it opened its mouth, the flame came roaring out in a hot jet. She could hear it singing to her, She opened her arms to the fire, embraced it, let it swallow her whole, let it cleanse her and temper her and scour her clean. She could feel her flesh sear and blacken and slough away, could feel her blood boil and turn to steam, and yet there was no pain. She felt strong and new and fierce. Dany, AGoT

Dany looked at him helplessly. It was good that dragons did not cry.  Dany, ADWD

However, as powerful as dragons are, they are also more or less the universal symbol of destruction and death:

"Dragons are fire made flesh" Quaithe in Dany, ACoK

"Death comes out of a dragon’s mouth" Septon Barth in Tyrion, ADWD 

It is dragons.”

“Dragons?” said her mother. “Teora, don’t be mad.”

“I’m not. They’re coming.”

“How could you possibly know that?” her sister asked, with a note of scorn in her voice. “One of your little dreams?”

Teora gave a tiny nod, chin trembling. “They were dancing. In my dream. And everywhere the dragons danced the people died.” Arianne, TWoW

Dany is not ignorant of this. As much as she tries to harden herself and takes pride in her family/sigil, she frequently finds herself upset and doubtful over the chaotic and destructive nature of dragons:

She was the blood of the dragon. She could kill the Sons of the Harpy, and the sons of the sons, and the sons of the sons of the sons. But a dragon could not feed a hungry child nor help a dying woman’s pain. And who would ever dare to love a dragon? Dany, ADWD

Mother of dragons, Daenerys thought. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand. Without dragons, how could she hope to hold Meereen, much less win back Westeros? I am the blood of the dragon, she thought. If they are monsters, so am IDany, ADWD

“He would make a monster of me,” she whispered, “a butcher queen.” But then she thought of Drogon far away, and the dragons in the pit. There is blood on my hands too, and on my heart. We are not so different, Daario and I. We are both monsters. Dany, ADWD

Dany is a compassionate person. She wants to protect everyone as she herself was never truly protected growing up. She is not incapable of necessary evils or ruthlessness, but it’s not what she prefers by any means. She would have her people protected; Dany wants love over fear.

This inner struggle has been building for some time now. She locks away her dragons, her primary means of maintaining her rule, because she fears innocents will die as she can’t fully control them. She’s as proud of them as she is ashamed. But turning her back on her dragons is treated as a mistake in many ways, as if she were turning her back on her own heritage.

The dragon does not weep. She was bleeding, but it was only woman’s blood. The moon is still a crescent, though. How can that be? She tried to remember the last time she had bled. The last full moon? The one before? The one before that? No, it cannot have been so long as that. “I am the blood of the dragon,” she told the grass, aloud.

Once, the grass whispered back, until you chained your dragons in the dark.

“Drogon killed a little girl. Her name was … her name …” Dany could not recall the child’s name. That made her so sad that she would have cried if all her tears had not been burned away. “I will never have a little girl. I was the Mother of Dragons.”

Aye, the grass said, but you turned against your children. Dany, ADWD

She wants to save and “plant trees”, but her power and family legacy is derived from fire and force. This is compounded in her final chapter(s) in ADWD (as the quote above illustrates.)

To me, GRRM has clearly outlined a contradiction. It’s heavily established that betraying your family/family’s legacy is bad. Kinslaying is one of the worst crimes and duty to your house is very important. For Dany to reject or feel ashamed over her own sigil is not portrayed well. In fact, in some ways it reads like how the Stark kids have tragedy befall them when they ignore their direwolves and treat them just like pets (or worse dangerous beasts.)

However, at the same time, Dany is trying to do the right thing and prevent innocent blood from being spilled. Is it not preferable that Dany try to prevent creatures that are her “children” from causing chaos towards children and innocents?

I feel like this is an interesting crossroad in Dany’s character arc. To really have an impact and maintain power (especially in regards to the Others,) she needs the dragons. But the dragons are consistently portrayed as agents of chaos, destruction, and death. Dany is against this obviously. 

Part of this struggle makes me think of how the darkness of the ASoIaF world sometimes allows actions and thoughts that would be morally reprehensible in modern society to appear the better or even “good” option. What seems black and white in terms of morality is revealed to be not quite that simple in such a violent and death-ridden world.

I’m very interested to see where this leads for Dany. At the end of ADWD, she appears to have embraced her dragons and heritage once more, reaffirming her confidence and purpose, but dragons will never be portrayed as vehicles for non-violent and peaceful situations. I suspect that the dragons will die out by the end of the series. But I’m very intrigued at how Dany is going to handle these conflicting aspects of herself- the strength and pride of her sigil/family and the upset and aversion to the destruction they cause.







This is what feminists mean when they say that feminism is about gender equality. It’s not really about equality, it’s about paying men back for all the supposed grievances women have suffered at the hands of the “patriarchy”.

Social revenge workers

You… do realize it’s trying to point out the wage gap between men and women, right?

Women make 75 cents to the dollar that men make. And that’s just WHITE women. POC women make even less.

So, yes, it is for equality. So that when men see that price difference, they go “Hey, that’s not equal, that sucks” and women can say “YES, LET ME TELL YOU A THING”
-discussion begins-


Women: * get paid less *
Women: * make cupcakes 25 entire cents more for men to symbolize this. for one fuckING BAKE SaLE. FUCK *